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Ref dataset: 811 (1.1.1)
Dataset title
Monitor Gesellschaft und Behinderung 2016
DOI 10.23662/FORS-DS-811-2
Previous versions 811-1:     No DOI is available for this version
Ref dataset 811
Ref study 12469
Dataset language English
Additional information
Dataset version 1.1.1
Version notes
Publication date 23.08.2016
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Bibliographical citation Flurina Schmid, Peter Farago, Boris Wernli, Franziska Ehrler, Nicolas Pekari: Monitor Gesellschaft und Behinderung 2016 [Dataset]. FORS - Centre de compétences suisse en sciences sociales. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne, 2016.
Data type Quantitative data
Consent of respondents
Time method Cross-section
  • Digitalized data file
Data collector
Available document types
  • Publications (final report, articles)
  • Codebook
  • Collection instruments
  • FORS documentation
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Restriction None
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Status Published

Monitor Gesellschaft und Behinderung 2016
Collection date - begin 21.01.2016
Collection date - end 08.04.2016
Analysis unit
  • Individual
Universe Zufallsstichprobe aus dem Stichprobenregister des BFS
Sampling description
Mode of data collection
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Web-based
Data collection instruments
  • Questionnaire
Data source
Weighting information
Response rate 32%
Data completeness
Number of cases 3232
Number of variables 157