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Ref dataset: 920 (1.0.0)
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Social Networks and Access to a Job for the Unemployed
DOI 10.23662/FORS-DS-920-1
Ref dataset 920
Ref study 10668
Dataset language English
Additional information Data Language: English Respondants were surveyed at two points in time: once at the very beginning of their unemployment (Q1) and once when either leaving the public employment services (Q2) or when having become longterm unemployed (Q3). For a detailed description see file overview data collection.
Dataset version 1.0.0
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Publication date 13.06.2019
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Bibliographical citation Anna Von Ow, Nicolas Turtschi, Parrotta Pierpaolo, Daniel Oesch, Rafael Lalive, Giuliano Bonoli, Patrick Arni: Social Networks and Access to a Job for the Unemployed [Dataset]. Université de Lausanne - Faculté des Sciences sociales et politiques, Université de Lausanne - Faculté des Hautes Etudes Commerciales - HEC, Université de Lausanne - Faculté de droit, des sciences criminelles et d'administration publique - Institut de hautes études en administration publique - IDHEAP. This survey was conducted within the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES "Overcoming Vulnerability: Life Course Perspectives" (NCCR LIVES) and financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affaors. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne, 2019.
Data type Quantitative data
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  • Digitalized data file
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Remarks about the documentation Data structure can be better understood when consulting the following documents: overview data collection (jpeg and detailed description) codebook and frequencies of all variables
Restriction Academic research and teaching
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Social Networks and Access to a Job for the Unemployed - Data
Collection date - begin 01.02.2012
Collection date - end 30.06.2013
Analysis unit
  • Individual
Universe All newly registered unemployed between February and March/April 2012 in the Canton de Vaud in Switzerland
Sampling description Convenient inflow "sample" (s. file data collection)
Mode of data collection
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Web-based
Data collection instruments
  • Questionnaire
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Data completeness
Number of cases 4612
Number of variables 409