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Ref dataset: 1101 (1.0.0)
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Homicides in Switzerland 1990-2014
DOI 10.23662/FORS-DS-1101-1
Ref dataset 1101
Ref study 12158
Dataset language English
Additional information It is very important always to filter the dataset with idcase, idvict or idperp, depending on the basis the analyses are made of (offences, victims or offenders). If no filter is used, cases with multiple victims or offenders are counted twice (or even threefold or more). The database with the cases from 1990 till 2004 (first wave) is also available in a separate project (Ref Projekt: 9580 /, but the researcher suggests to use the complete dataset (1990-2014) for further analyses.
Dataset version 1.0.0
Version notes
Publication date 07.10.2019
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Bibliographical citation Simone Walser: Homicides in Switzerland 1990-2014 [Dataset]. Universität St. Gallen - Law School - Forschungsgemeinschaft für Rechtswissenschaft - FR-HSG. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne, 2019.
Data type Quantitative data
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Time method Cross-section
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Homicide CH Dataset (E)
Collection date - begin 01.05.2015
Collection date - end 01.04.2016
Analysis unit
  • Individual
  • Event / Process
Universe All intentional, completed homicides committed in Switzerland from 1990 till 2014.
Sampling description
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  • Compilation / Synthesis
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  • Grid
Data source Homicide files from courts, public prosecution services, police stations and institutes of legal medicine
Weighting information
Response rate
Data completeness The number of cases refers to the number of murder cases; not to the number of victims.
Number of cases 1330
Number of variables 466