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Ref dataset: 1163 (1.0.0)
Dataset title
A Protest Event Dataset for Indonesia, South Korea, and Thailand (1985-2005)
DOI 10.23662/FORS-DS-1163-1
Ref dataset 1163
Ref study 13817
Dataset language English
Additional information
Dataset version 1.0.0
Version notes
Errata mk // 16.06.2020: I replaced the codebook in the DIP because I accidentally saved the file on the last tab. When user open it, the file would automatically open there.
Publication date 16.06.2020
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Bibliographical citation Linda Maduz: A Protest Event Dataset for Indonesia, South Korea, and Thailand (1985-2005) [Dataset]. Universität Zürich - Philosophische Fakultät - Institut für Politikwissenschaft - IPZ. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne, 2020.
Data type Quantitative data
Consent of respondents
Time method Time series
  • Digitalized data file
Data collector
Available document types
  • Codebook
  • Technical report
  • Coding instructions
Remarks about the documentation The codebook in the catalog opens on the last tab. To switch, you can use the navigation at the bottom of Excel. The file in the distribution package opens correctly.
Restriction Academic research only
Special order
Special permission None
Status Published

PE-Asia: Datafile
Collection date - begin 01.03.2011
Collection date - end 03.10.2014
Analysis unit
  • Event / Process
Universe Protest events in Indonesia (1986-2005), South Korea (1985-2004), and Thailand (1986-2005)
Sampling description see Technical Report and Codebook
Mode of data collection
  • Content coding
Data collection instruments
  • Grid
Data source Newspaper articles
Weighting information
Response rate
Data completeness
Number of cases 6371
Number of variables 56