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Ref dataset: 1203 (1.0.0)
Dataset title
Swiss Active Labor Market Policy Evaluation Dataset
DOI 10.23662/FORS-DS-1203-1
Ref dataset 1203
Ref study 13867
Dataset language English
Additional information This dataset was put together to study different aspects of the Swiss Labor Market Policies. It is composed of a survey conducted with caseworkers, administrative data from the unemployment insurance system and adinstrative data from the social security records of people registered unemployed in 2003.
Dataset version 1.0.0
Version notes
Publication date 04.11.2020
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Bibliographical citation Michael Lechner, Michael Knaus, Martin Huber, Markus Frölich, Stefanie Behncke, Giovanni Mellace, Anthony Strittmatter (2020). Swiss Active Labor Market Policy Evaluation [Dataset]. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne.
Data type Quantitative data
Consent of respondents
Time method Cross-section
  • Digitalized data file
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Restriction Academic research only
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Special permission With prior agreement of author
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ALMP - Data
Collection date - begin 01.01.2003
Collection date - end 31.12.2005
Analysis unit
  • Individual
Universe All new jobseekers during the year 2003 and caseworkers active in 2003 and 2004
Sampling description Starting from the universe, we restrict the sample in the following way: Excluding Geneva and five other employment offices Excluding jobseekers not (yet) assigned to a caseworker Excluding foreigners with work permit shorter than one year Excluding jobseekers without unemployment benefit claim Excluding jobseekers who applied for or claim disability insurance Restrict to prime-age population (24 to 55 years old) Excluding jobseekers whose caseworker did not respond to the questionnaire
Mode of data collection
  • Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
  • Compilation / Synthesis
Data collection instruments
  • Questionnaire
Data source The survey data asking the casworkers about there counseling style and other things were merged with administrative data from the unemployment insurance system and the social security records of unemployed persons.
Weighting information
Response rate
Data completeness
Number of cases 100220
Number of variables 69