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Ref dataset: 1216 (1.0.0)
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Khoekhoegowab Lexical Study of Personality - Qualitative interview Responses
DOI 10.23662/FORS-DS-1216-1
Ref dataset 1216
Ref study 13355
Dataset language English
Additional information The goals of the qualitative interviews relevant to the lexical study were (1) to determine the local attribution of meaning and common usage of targeted terms identified in the lexical study, and (2) to explore key etic traits that were absent from emic results. Terms were chosen for qualitative clarification where the English definition of a Khoekhoe word in the only Khoekhoe-English dictionary seemed surprising or incongruent given its association with other Khoekhoe terms loading on the same component in the results of the quantitative study. To explore the near-absence of certain content from the Khoekhoe lexicon, namely Extraversion and Openness, we sought individual interpretations of related terms. We also explored the use of personality trait terms adopted from other languages, given the multi-lingual context in which Khoekhoegowab speakers, like most Africans, live. Some descriptive quotes were provided in the manuscript for each theme identified in the responses to each question. Here we make available complete summaries, including all responses provided by participants. Data file includes only questions 5, 10, and 11
Dataset version 1.0.0
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Publication date 10.11.2020
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Bibliographical citation Amber Gayle Thalmayer, Sylvanus Job, Elizabeth N. Shino, Sarah L. Robinson: Khoekhoegowab Lexical Study of Personality - Qualitative interview Responses [Dataset]. Université de Lausanne - Faculté des Sciences sociales et politiques - SSP - Institut de psychologie. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne, 2020.
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KKG Qualitative interview : Transcript
Collection date - begin 05.03.2019
Collection date - end 30.03.2019
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  • Individual
  • Group
Universe Mother-tongue speakers of Khoekhoegowab in Namibia
Sampling description Seven different local individuals sought volunteers they introduced us to.
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  • Face-to-face interview (CAPI, CAMI, PAPI, etc.)
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Data completeness Data file includes only questions 5, 10, and 11
Number of cases 23
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