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China in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – Tracing Chinese Concepts of International Law (working title)
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  • China
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  • Human rights
  • Central Asia
  • Xinjiang
  • international judical assistance
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The SCO is an international organization of regional scale established in 2001 among the People's Republic of China, Russia, and several Central Asian states. It is, especially by Chinese scholars, hailed the prototype of a specific Chinese approach towards international relations. Surprisingly enough, the SCO and its activities have not yet been scrutinized from an international law perspective.
My research will provide a first-time comprehensive insight into the functioning of the SCO and its stance as an international organisation. This will be achieved by an intrinsic evaluation of the available documents related to the SCO. Available research on the SCO from other disciplines will be included to contextualise, and hopefully support, the results of my intrinsic approach. In addition, selected fields of SCO-activities such as extraditions and law-making will be scrutinised from an international law perspective. Dwelling on the tested assumption that China enjoys considerable influence in the activities of the SCO, my research will reveal how and to what extent China avails itself of the instrument of international law to pursue its interests on the international plane.
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mainly Chinese primary sources, furnished by the usual disciplinary materials of international law (Chinese and other textbooks, U.N. documents, treaties, international adjudication)
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