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CH@YOUPART - Political Participation of young adults in Switzerland
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  • Switzerland
In the context of the CH@YOUPART project we are studying the political participation of young adults in Switzerland. We are particularly interested in the forms of political involvement that 18 to 25 year olds prefer and the frequency of these activities. Furthermore, we investigate why young Swiss are political active or why not. The goal of this project is to find out more about the situation in Switzerland as well as to learn if young adults in here differ in this respect from their peers in other European countries.
The active participation of the population in the political process is essential, especially for a direct democracy. Through this participation a range of opinions find entrance into the political process and policy decisions thereby obtain their legitimacy. The participation behavior of the young generation is thus crucial for the future of the political system in Switzerland. The aim of this project is therefore to obtain answers to two questions:
1. How do young adults participate politically in Switzerland?
2. How can the political participation of young adults be explained?
Thereby, we are equally interested in the politically active and non-active Swiss and the reasons for their respective behavior. The political participation of young Swiss has only been covered comprehensively in very few studies. The existing data, however, is outdated. Moreover, this data does not allow for comparisons of the political activities of 18 to 25 year olds in Switzerland with same age EU citizens. Both aspects have been taken into account in the development of the CH@YOUPART research design.
This project is conducted by the Swiss Centre of Competence in the Social Sciences (FORS) with the support of the State Secretariat for Education and Research of the Federal Department of Home Affairs.
Methods (description)
During the two-year project period of CH@YOUPART an online survey of 1'000 young Swiss people will be conducted. The aim is to obtain information on the forms of political participation and the political interests of 18 to 25 year olds and to clarify why some young adults are politically active and why some are not.
The questionnaire used for the survey is similar to the one developed and used in the context of the EUYOUPART project. This EU project addressed the political participation of young adult in seven European countries (Germany, Austria, Finland, Italy, Great Britain, France, Slovakia, Estonia).
Thus, the direct comparison of the collected Swiss data with the international EUYOUPART data will be possible. This design makes it possible to obtain detailed information about the variety of political activities of young adults in Switzerland and the causes for their behavior as well as to compare this Swiss picture with the situation in other European countries. Additionally, expert interviews and focus groups are planned to illustrate the opinions and activities of young adults in Switzerland regarding politics.
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