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Plant closure survey 2011. Evidence from the Swiss manufacturing sector
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  • Unemployment
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  • Plant closure
  • Mass redundancy
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Switzerland (Espace Mittelland and Arc Lémanique)
  • Switzerland
The research project on Occupational transitions after plant closure in Switzerland’s manufacturing sector examines how workers overcome this critical life course event. The principal aim is to investigate whether workers find a new job, in which sector and occupation they are reemployed, whether they experience wages losses and whether their social life or psychological well-being is affected. The success of the transition into reemployment seems to depend on workers’ socio-demographic characteristics such as education, occupation or age. The project therefore strives to understand who the most vulnerable individuals are.
The Plant Closure Survey 2011 is an individual-level survey of about 1200 workers. It was conducted in Autumn 2011 at the Research Center for Life Course and Inequality (LINES) at University of Lausanne, Switzerland, within the National Competence Center of Research LIVES and with the financial support of the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO).
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  • Standardised interviews - by mail
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  • Baumann, Isabel; Oesch, Daniel. 2013. Wiederbeschäftigung nach Betriebsschliessungen im Industriesektor der Schweiz. Reihe Arbeitsmarktpublikationen des Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft (SECO), No. 38.
  • Baumann, Isabel; Lipps, Oliver; Oesch, Daniel; Vandenplas, Caroline. 2016. How to Survey displaced workers two years after firm closure: A Swiss study of mass redundancy. In: Oris, M., Roberts, C., Joye, D., Stähli-Ernst, M. (eds.). Surveying Human Vulnerabilities Across the Life Course, New York: Springer.
  • Oesch, Daniel; Baumann, Isabel. 2015. Smooth Transition or permanent exit? Evidence on Job prospects of displaced industrial workers. Socio-Economic Review, 13(1):101-123. Online: 10.1093/ser/mwu023
Unpublished documents
  • Baumann, Isabel. 2015. Labor market experience and well-being after firm closure. Survey evidence on displaced manufacturing workers in Switzerland. Dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Oesch. Université de Lausanne.
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