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The scopes of action of national political systems under conditions of strong international economic and political interdependencies - An international comparison, with particular reference to Switzerland (labor market policy)
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  • Demokratie
  • Staatstätigkeit
  • Interdependenz
  • Autonomie
  • Arbeitsmarktpolitik
  • Handlungsspielräume
  • Regime (internationale)
  • Souveränität
Geographical space
Schweiz und OECD
  • Switzerland
The project is based on two competing hypotheses, two contradictory statements about the possibility of autonomous domestic policy of national political systems. According to the first hypothesis, there is virtually no room for maneuver for national governments and parliaments in the field of domestic politics. The reason for this is the integration of national political systems into international markets and trans- and supranational institutions.
This hypothesis was presented especially in the context of the discussion of the theories of interdependence and international regimes.
In contrast, it was argued that national policies were primarily a result of problems and requirements that arose within a country, or that the policies were due to the institutional structures and political power relations of the respective nations.
These hypotheses were represented, in particular, in conventional research on state activities (policy analysis).
Since the strength of the dependency on markets and institutions varies between countries, policy areas and time segments, different policy areas are compared in 21 OECD countries between 1960 and 1992. The aim of the project was to investigate variable groups of competing approaches in an international comparison.
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Aggregatdatenanalyse und Dokumentenanalyse
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Unpublished documents
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