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Can we protect our children from drugs?
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  • Switzerland
In the context of a comprehensive representative survey on the health behavior of schoolchildren in Switzerland, parents were asked about their attitudes towards the use of illicit drugs. The subject of this study are the ideas and opinions of parents about drugs in general and illegal drugs in particular. The focus is on attitudes towards young people and child rearing. In this way, a problem that is hardly explored - at least in Switzerland - will be examined in more detail. The study attempts to at least partially describe the drug question from the perspective of the parent role. Assuming that parents can play an important role in drug prevention, it is essential to get a better understanding of their views, fears and needs. In this sense, it would be desirable that the results of the survey provide concrete evidence for the design of family-oriented prevention.
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  • Efionanyi-Mäder, Denise. 1994. Können wir unser Kind vor Drogen bewahren? Einstellungen von Eltern zum illegalen Drogenkonsum von Jugendlichen. Schweizerische Fachstelle für Alkohol- und andere Drogenprobleme - SFA, Forschungsbericht Nr. 25, Lausanne, 1994.
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