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Political attitudes 1975
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  • Switzerland
This study focuses on the extent and the forms of political participation in Switzerland, conducted in parallel in eight European countries ("Political Action; An Eight Nation Study"): the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, USA, Italy, Switzerland and Finland. The wave of agitation of the late sixties and early seventies in the industrially advanced societies was the starting point of this transnational study on conventional and unconventional forms of political participation. The national surveys carried out in these eight countries during the years 1973-1976 focus on the different forms of political activity, ranging from voting to protest actions, and on the propensity of individuals to take part in such activities activities.
Methods (description)
Population: Citoyens suisses et jeunes de 16 à 20 ans
Espace géographique: Suisse
Dates d'enquête décembre 1975-mai 1976
Sélection ou échantillonnage: échantillon aléatoire de la population suisse.
Recueil des informations: enquête par interviews standardisés.
Nombre d'interviews valides: 1392, dont 123 jeunes.
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  • Barnes, Samuel H.; Kaase, Max; et al., . 1979. Political action. London: Sage, 1979.
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Start - End date 01.01.1975 - 28.12.1976