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The Political Elite of Switzerland: Decision-makers of Swiss Politics at the Federal Level
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  • Switzerland
The aim of the project was the analysis of political decision-making processes in the pre-parliamentary domain at the federal level in Switzerland. In addition to the procedures of decision-making processes, particular attention should also be given to the clarification of structural influence factors. The analysis of the design of political decision-making processes started with the political elite. The political elite consists of those individual actors who decisively influence central political decisions. The characterization of the composition and the analysis of the structures of influence, participation, interest and relations of this political elite made possible a first response to the question of the political decision-making structures in Switzerland. Furthermore, it was assumed that these individual decision makers appear as representatives of organizational units. The identification of these organizational units provided a second basis for the understanding of political decision-making processes. For the study, a total of 13 of the most important political transactions of the legislative period 1971/76 were included: Spatial Planning Act / Federal Decree on Urgent Measures for Spatial Planning of March 1972 / Agreement Switzerland - EEC / Urgent Money and Credit Decree of December 1972 / Economic Article of the Federal Constitution of 1975 / Federal Decision on a New Concept of the Unemployment Insurance / Urgent Federal Decree on Unemployment Insurance / 8th Revision of the Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV) / Popular initiative on participation / Financial package 1974 / Financial package 1975 / 3rd Anti-immigration initiative / Initiative on health insurance and reorganization of the health insurance.
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  • Kriesi, Hanspeter. 1980. Entscheidungsstrukturen und Entscheidungsprozesse in der Schweizer Politik. Frankfurt am Main: Campus, 1980.
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