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Mobility and Transport Microcensus (MTMC)
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  • Verkehr
  • Mobilität
  • Mobilité
  • Mobility
  • Transports
  • Déplacements
Since 1974, every 5 years: 1974, 1979, 1981, 1984, 1989, 1994, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015
Geographical space
  • Switzerland
The mobility and transport microcensus provides information on the transport behaviour of the Swiss population: ownership of vehicles, driving licenses and public transport subscriptions, daily intensity and reasons for travel, means of transport used. The collected data provide a detailed picture of the passenger mobility in Switzerland. They serve as a statistical reference for the development and monitoring of policy measures and provide input for in-depth analyses of transport developments. The survey, which takes place every 5 years, is part of the new population census system.
In 2015, the Swiss resident population travelled an average of 36.8 kilometres within Switzerland per person per day, for 90.4 minutes. Compared with 2010, there was hardly any change in the daily distance per person. The most important means of transport remained the car, accounting for 65% of the distances travelled. Railways gained slight ground once again, with their share increasing from 19 to 20% compared with 2010.
Methods (description)
Type of survey: Sampling survey. Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). For the 2015 edition, a total of 57 090 randomly selected persons were questioned via telephone interviews.
Households are randomly drawn in the household register. A person is randomly selected in the household. The participation is voluntary.

Degree of regionalization: large regions, agglomerations (if densification: cantons)
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  • Standardised interviews - by telephone
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These survey's data are distributed by the institution that produces them according to its own terms and conditions.

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