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Point de Suisse
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At the invitation of the Festival de la Cité Lausanne, the Swiss artist duo Com&Com (Gossolt / Hedinger) developed the socio-cultural action "Point de Suisse", which focused on a survey that explores the mood of the Swiss people in the summer of 2014.
The questionnaire was developed in collaboration with Milo Rau and Rolf Bossart from the IIPM and the two sociologists René Levy and Olivier Moeschler from the University of Lausanne.
"Point de Suisse" refers to the notorious Gulliver poll at Expo64 in Lausanne, which provoked political rope-pulling with the Federal Council and led to the censoring of many questions, the banning of the publication of the results and the destruction of the 580,000 answer cards.
Fifty years later, "Point de Suisse" re-enacted this memorable poll with 25 new questions, as Gulliver's revenge of sorts. More:
From a methodological point of view, it is interesting to state that a representative survey was first carried out with the same questionnaire (June 2014, N = 1000) and subsequently the general public survey website was open during the month of July (self-employed N = 4817), which allows to analyze the distortion of such an "open" questioning based on the information collected.
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  • Standardised interviews
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  • Lévy, René; Moeschler, Olivier. 2014. Point de Suisse(s)? 2014: Gulliver befragt die SchweizerInnen erneut. Point de Suisse(s)? Quand Gulliver réinterroge les Helvètes en 2014. In: Johannes M. Hedinger (Hrsg.), Point de Suisse. St. Gallen, 54-63 (68-77).
  • Weber, Koni. 2014. Umstrittene Repräsentation der Schweiz. Soziologie, Politik und Kunst bei der Landesausstellung 1964. Mohr, Siebeck, Tübingen.
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