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Swiss Human Relations Barometer 2012
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  • Arbeitsbeziehungen
  • Arbeit
  • Psychologischer Vertrag
  • Fehlverhalten am Arbeitsplatz
  • Courage am Arbeitsplatz
  • HR-Praktiken
  • Arbeitseinstellungen
Zeitraum der Datenerhebung: Juni 2012 - September 2012
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  • Switzerland
As in previous years, the Swiss Human Relations Barometer (HR Barometer), now in its seventh edition, has investigated working relationships, working conditions, workplace behaviour and attitudes to work among employees in Switzerland. With the focus area of misconduct and courage at work, this year‘s study also off ers insights into two sensitive issues.
The underlying sample for this year›s survey is based on the sample register of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. The survey was conducted between June and August 2012, whereby respondents could choose between an online version and a writt en one (mixed-mode approach). The responses of around 1,483 employees from the German, French and Italian speaking regions of Switzerland were analysed in this year’s survey.
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  • Feierabend, Anja; Tschopp, C.; Arnold, Alexandra; Doden, Wiebke; Morf, Manuela; Grote, Gudela; Staffelbach, Bruno. 2012. Schweizer Human-Relations-Barometer 2012: Fehlverhalten und Courage. Zürich: Universität Zürich und ETH Zürich.
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