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Data on Swiss foreign policy, 1848 - 1998
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  • Aussenpolitik
Pro Projekt unterschiedliche Zeiträume zwischen 1848 und 1998
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  • Switzerland
The project combines the different databases on Swiss foreign policy developed within the framework of several projects of the National Research Program 42 (NRP 42). The databases are based on sources evaluated by the employees of the respective projects in the Swiss Federal Archives.
The data collected in the following projects has been summarized:
1. The Federal Assembly's contribution to Switzerland's foreign policy from 1848 to the present day, Antoine Fleury, Geneva (see FORS-ID 5029); Name of the database: "Parliamentary negotiations 1890-1971".
2. Internationalization strategies as an instrument of Swiss foreign policy, Madeleine Herren, Bern (see FORS-ID 5045); Name of the database: "International congresses and conferences 1914-1950".
3. Switzerland's foreign policy 1937-1989, Peter Hug, Bern (see Sidos ID 5031); Name of the database: "Negotiation delegations 1937-1976".
4. Analytical database on Swiss foreign policy, Andreas Kellerhals, Berne (see FORS-ID 5032); Name of the database: "Federal Council decisions 1914-1978".
5. Foreign Policy Decision-Making, Ulrich Klöti, Zurich (see FORS-ID 5051); Name of the database: "Decision-making processes 1981-1993".
In addition, the database on the state treaties developed in an independent project of the Federal Archives from 1848-1998 was added to the collection as it complements the other databases.
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Quellenrecherche, Quellenauswertung
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