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Social Capital in Switzerland
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  • Sozialkapital
März 2003 - Mai 2003
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  • Switzerland
The survey "Social Capital in Switzerland" was part of the Empirical Research Seminars at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Bern in the summer semester 2003. Approximately 100 students took part in the research seminars, divided into three groups led by Jürg Arpagaus, lic. rer. pol. and PD Dr. Axel Franzen on “social capital and social norms”, “social capital and economic transactions” and “social capital and occupational mobility”. In the three working groups, indicators were developed to measure the different aspects of the social capital of individuals and formulate the relevant questions for the survey. The data set contains among other things detailed information on normative notions of cooperation and fairness, volunteering in associations and organizations, trust in fellow citizens and institutions, characteristics of recent purchases and services used, and socio-demographic information. The objective of the survey was to provide a database for the empirical study of the function of social capital in the context of social norms, economic transactions and job mobility.
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Die Daten wurden durch ein standardisiertes telefonisches Interview von durchschnittlich 30-minütiger Dauer im CATI-Telefonlabor des Instituts für Sozial- und Präventivmedizin der Universität Bern erhoben. Die Telefoninterviews wurden nach brieflicher Vorankündigung der Untersuchungsleiter von den Studierenden unter Aufsicht der Mitarbeiter des Instituts für Soziologie durchgeführt.
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  • Arpagaus, Jürg H.; Franzen, Axel. 2004. Sozialkapital in der Schweiz. Codebook. Unveröffentlichter Bericht.
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