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VoxIt: standardized post-vote surveys
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  • Abstimmungsverhalten
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De 1981 à nos jours
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Since 1977, a survey is carried out after each federal vote, offering insight into the voting of Swiss citizens. Up until June 2016 these surveys were carried out under the name of VOX. Beginning with the vote of autumn 2016 the surveys have renamed as “VOTO” and are also integrated into VoxIt.

The standardized post-vote surveys are the result of the harmonization of the VOX surveys. Indeed, the long history of these surveys has resulted in quite some changes over time, so much that a lot of standardization work has been necessary to make a comparison involving two very distant Vox surveys possible. Since the data from the first 14 surveys are no longer readable by current software, the standardized surveys start with the Vox survey no. 15 on the vote of 14.06.1981 and include between 2 and 4 surveys per year, depending on the number of votes.
The VoxIt data combines information from several sources into one file. First, the data integrates and harmonises the most significant variables in the post-vote surveys (VOX and VOTO). A second type of variable includes specific characteristics of votes and items (i.e. popular initiatives or referendums) such as the date of the vote, the results of each item, participation rates, and the slogans of the federal government. The slogans of the main political parties are also integrated, according to information provided by a database of the Institute of Political Science of the University of Bern. Finally, the standardized surveys include a third type of variable, created specifically to synthesize certain data and/or to allow comparisons from across the whole range of the available surveys.

In the context of standardized surveys, all data related to a federal vote (that is, a federal voting weekend) is called a "scrutin". The term "projet", meanwhile, refers to a subset of these data, organized in relation to a to one of the specific items of this vote (initiative, referendum, etc.). As a general rule, a “scrutin” will therefore include as many “projets” as there were items in the vote data, but it is possible that some “projets” will only be partially covered. More specifically, the VoxIt offer, for each vote, data in two forms: a “scrutin” file dedicated to the vote as a whole and an individual “projet” file for each item submitted for a vote. The choice of file type is dependent on the analyses which the user would like to carry out. The cumulative scrutin and projet files are also available. The choice of file type is dependent on the analyses which the user would like to carry out.

A whole series of additional information about the Voxit project and the standardized data are available on the website where you can also find information on accessing the cumulative files.
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