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Successes and limits of measures against air pollution (fixed installations)
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Suisse romande et Tessin
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As part of its environmental policy, the Confederation issued an ordinance aimed at reducing air pollution (OPair: Air Protection Ordinance entered into force on 1.1.1985 and revised in 1992) . The measures provided for in this Ordinance respond to a twofold strategy: preventive action consisting in limiting emissions at source in general, taking into account technical and economic possibilities; a therapeutic action that aims to reduce the level of pollution (emissions) below the limit values.
The objective of this research is to analyze the changes that occurred following the implementation of OPair in 1985 and the revision of the order in 1992 (before/after comparison) and to determine the share of these changes attributable to public intervention. The assessment of the impact of these air protection measures on the craft and industrial firms is measured by the effects of these prescriptions on the emissions of the companies and their economic and technical consequences; as for the share of the changes attributable to the public intervention, it is determined according to the various modalities (formal application by the administration, negotiation with the companies, self-regulation of the companies) which led to a modification of the behavior of the companies.
Methods (description)
Unité de recherche: entreprises industrielles et artisanales.
Périodicité du relevé: deux relevés sur 4 ans entre 1989 et 1993.
Echantillonnage: échantillon d'une centaine d'entreprises, non représentatif mais construit pour couvrir la diversité de taille, de localisation et d'activité.
Recueil des données: entretiens standardisés, codification de dossiers.
Données relevées par l'équipe de recherche.
Méthodes d'exploitation principales: analyse statistique, analyse qualitative.
Methods (instruments)
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  • Delley, Jean-Daniel; Fischer Torricelli, Claire; Rincon, José-Manuel. 1994. Impact et limites des mesures de protection de l'air. In: Travaux CETEL no 42, Université de Genève, 1994.
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