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Security 1996. Trends of foreign-, security- and defense-political formation of opinion
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1. Semester 1996
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Deutsch- und französischsprachige Schweiz
  • Switzerland
Since 1989, the Military Sociology Lectureship of the Military Academy at ETH Zurich and the Center for Security Studies of ETH Zurich have regularly carried out the representative surveys "Security" on the perception of national security issues in the broadest sense. The aim of these surveys is to identify trends and tendencies in terms of
- the general sense of security and threat
- the trust in institutions and authorities
- the degree of willingness to engage in foreign policy and security cooperation
- the estimation of defense expenditure
- the attitude to the military national defense
- the level of information and the interest in security policy

In the 1996 survey, the study focused on trends and trends in opinion-forming related to security policy. In particular, the following topics were discussed: perception of the future and general sense of security, security aspects of Switzerland's international cooperation, trust in the most important institutions in Switzerland, legitimacy and perceived effectiveness of national defense, social evaluation of the military, and security policy information level.
In the 1996 survey, two topical issues of security policy were specifically taken into account: the attitude to the approval by the Federal Council of the NATO for military transport in connection with the war in ex-Yugoslavia through and by Switzerland as well as the attitude towards the use of a Swiss Headquarters Support Unit in ex-Yugoslavia.
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Telefonische Randombefragung von stimmberechtigten Bürgerinnen und Bürgern in der deutsch- und französischsprachigen Schweiz Datenerhebung durch kommerzielles Befragungsinstitut. Stichprobengrösse noch nicht bestimmt. Statistische Analyse der Daten (Häufigkeitenvergleiche, Mittelwertevergleiche).
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