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Security 2003. The Trend of Opinions on Foreign, Security, and Defense Policy
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Januar und April 2003
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  • Switzerland
The annual "Security Survey", realized jointly by the Military Academy at ETH Zurich and the Center for Security Studies of ETH Zurich, aims to analyze trends in the formation of opinion on foreign, security and defense policy in Switzerland.
It is based on representative surveys of the Swiss voting population, which are conducted annually in January / February. Since 1999, the study has been published in a yearly volume, always in the same form. The results of the waves are summarized and brought into an easily accessible form - intended as an informed basis for the observation of longer-term trend developments. For this purpose, important foreign, security and defense policy attitudes are collected yearly in an unchanged manner and presented and interpreted over time. The topics of this study are: the general sense of security and threat, the trust in institutions and authorities, the level of foreign and security cooperation, neutrality in general and the different views of neutrality, the attitude to military defense, the level of knowledge and interest in security policy.
In addition to a core of questions that are always or irregularly asked, questions are also raised on topical security issues each year. This year, these issues concern, on the one hand, the army reform Armee21, and on the other the personal sense of security associated with the war in Iraq, and the views on the possibilities and limits of international security policy, with special reference to the role of the USA. In order to examine the impact of the onset of war in Iraq on opinion formation, a second survey will be carried out in April.
Methods (description)
Telefonische, standardisierte Befragung einer für die Schweizer Stimmbevölkerung repräsentativen Stichprobe von 1202 Personen (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews). Untersuchungsdesign: Querschnitt . Durchführung der Feldarbeit: Januar/Februar 2003. Nach dem Beginn der Invasion in Irak im März 2003 Durchführung einer kleiner angelegten Zweitbefragung im April 2003. Befragt werden weitere 1002 Schweizer StimmbürgerInnen. Die Stichprobenauswahl erfolgt in beiden Fällen nach der "Random-Quota"-Methode. Erstellung eines SPSS-Datensatzes. Quantitative Datenanalyse unter Verwendung üblicher statistischer Verfahren.
Methods (instruments)
  • Standardised interviews - by telephone
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  • Haltiner, Karl W.; Wenger, Andreas; Bennett, Jonathan; Szvircsev Tresch, Tibor. 2003. Sicherheit 2003. Aussen-, sicherheits- und verteidigungspolitische Meinungsbildung im Trend. Au und Zürich: Militärakademie an der ETH und Forschungsstelle für Sicherheitspolitik der ETH Zürich, 2003.
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