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The Bernese Longitudinal Youth Survey - An integrative analysis of a sequence study on control attributes and well-being in adolescents
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Building and changing one's identity is a central task of all people. This task becomes particularly relevant in adolescence. Young people want to know who they are, what they can achieve, how much they count and what room for manoeuvre they have. The scope for action widens enormously in adolescence, but in many cases not to the extent that it corresponds to the potentials of young people.
In the present longitudinal study, it was interesting to see how much control young people ascribe to themselves in different areas of life. The areas of life chosen for the study were appearance, personality, money, workplace (personal level), conflicts with parents, friendship (social level), learning material, dying forests and youth center (social level). The young people were asked questions about these different areas of life:
- Importance of this area
- Importance of one's own influence in this area
- Instances that have an influence on this area of life or make their own influence more difficult
- Assessment of their own future control possibilities.
In addition to these control attributes, the subjective well-being and significant life events were also included in the study.
Methods (description)
In einem Sequenzmodell mit drei Messzeitpunkten (1986, 1988 und 1990) wurden insgesamt 4201 Jugendliche im Alter zwischen 14 und 20 Jahren schriftlich befragt. Einige der Jugendlichen wurden ein einziges Mal (insgesamt 3033), andere zweimal (insgesamt 776) und wieder andere dreimal befragt (insgesamt 392).
Methods (instruments)
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Unpublished documents
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