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Continuing education for language teachers in (vocational) trade colleges in Switzerland
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  • Enseignant
  • Formation commerciale
  • Enseignement des langues
  • Formation complémentaire
  • Perfectionnement des enseignants
  • Besoin d'éducation
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Suisse entière
  • Switzerland
The Federal Office of Industry, Arts and Crafts and Labor commissioned a research team to conduct a survey on the continuing education needs of language teachers in (vocational) trade colleges in Switzerland. The investigation is carried out in three steps.
After the first phase, during which the context was studied (initial teacher training, continuing education programmes, historical development of these programmes, types of teaching, etc.), the persons conducting this research contacted an initial (small) sample composed of teaching staff, training managers and experts, in order to explore the field through qualitative interviews.
In a third phase, a questionnaire was sent to all language teachers in (vocational) trade colleges in Switzerland. The first part of this questionnaire concerns the initial training, the conditions of practice of the profession, the family situation, the career - elements which are therefore supposed to determine the attitude towards training offers. The second part aims to study the social representations of continuing education by word associations.
Methods (description)
- Etude du contexte.
- Enquête exploratoire.
- Enquête par questionnaire auprès du total des enseignant-e-s concernées; entre autres étude des représentations sociales de la formation continue par associations de mots.
- Entretiens qualitatifs pour approfondir l'un ou l'autre point résultant de l'analyse des questionnaires.
Methods (instruments)
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Unpublished documents
  • Schurmans, Marie-Noëlle; Bezzola-Romano, Graziella; Stahl-Thuriaux, Anne. 1993. La formation continue. Les enseignants de langue des écoles professionnelles commerciales et des écoles supérieures de commerce en Suisse. En collaboration avec Patricia Dumont, Peter Sedioli et Enrico Tettamanti. Université de Genève, Genève, 1993.
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  • Département fédéral de l'économie, de la formation et de la recherche - DEFR, Secrétariat d'Etat à l'économie - SECO, Case postale , 3003 Bern
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Start - End date 01.01.1991 - 28.12.1992