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Family education, extra-familial child care and generative behaviour
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  • Sozialer Wandel
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  • Familienleben
  • Ausserhäusliche Kinderbetreuung
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Stadt Zürich
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The social changes of recent years have had a significant impact on families and family education. The focus here is on the increasing participation of women in education and employment. The associated decrease in gender-specific role allocation is in contradiction to a traditional vision of the division of labour. In addition to these developments, the living space for children is becoming visibly narrower: four out of five children in Switzerland grow up alone or with at most one sibling. The low density of institutions supporting family education creates additional pressure on parents who do not wish to adhere to traditional forms of gender role assignment. It looks as if the birth of a second child in particular would lead families to fall back on traditional role patterns. Conversely, it looks as if families will frequently do without a second child, because this can usually only be realised at the cost of the mother's employment. Confirming this hypothesis would explain, among other things, the discrepancy between the high number of single-child families and the widespread ideal of the family with two children.
The study examines the extent to which social change in family and society is associated with increased demands on institutions of third-party care and whether the existence or actual use of third-party care has an impact on families (for example on the decision to have another child).
In an initial project phase, parents who applied for a day school place for their child in the city of Zurich in 1990 were interviewed, whereby parents whose child received such a place were compared with those whose child was rejected. The results of the first phase were particularly helpful in designing the questionnaire for the second phase.
In the second phase, a representative sample of parents from Zurich whose eldest child has been in school for one year was interviewed. The questions focus on the family and educational situation, the need for external support and generative behaviour.
Methods (description)
Offene Interviews mit allen Eltern in der Stadt Zürich, die sich 1990 für ihr neu eingeschultes Kind um einen Tagesschulplatz beworben haben (N = ca. 100).
Repräsentative Befragung von Eltern der Stadt Zürich, deren ältestes Kind 1991 eingeschult worden ist (N = ca. 300).
Teil 1: Mit einem Mehrfachmethoden-Design (standardisierter Fragebogen, Frageleitfaden-Interview und Zeitbudget) wurden beide Elternteile von Familien befragt, die sich 1990 in der Stadt Zürich um einen Tagesschulplatz fûr ihr Kind bemüht hatten (25 vollständige Familien-Interviews). Ein Drittel dieser Familien konnte ihren Wunsch nach einer Tagesschule nicht verwirklichen. Die Themen der Untersuchung sind (Tages-)Schule, Berufstätigkeit, Haushaltsorganisation, Erziehung und Freizeit.
Teil 2: Mit einem persönlichen Interview auf der Basis eines standardisierten Fragebogens werden 350 Mütter aus der Stadt Zürich befragt, deren erstes Kind 8 Jahre alt ist. Die Partner dieser Mütter werden schriftlich befragt. Die Themen sind im wesentlichen die gleichen wie im ersten Teil. Generatives Verhalten, Kinderwunsch und Familienplanung kommen neu hinzu.
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Unpublished documents
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