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Sport and Leisure - Educational exams for military recruits 1976
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  • Freizeit
  • Sozialisation
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  • Rekrutenprüfungen
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  • Switzerland
In 1976, more than 30,000 Swiss military recruits and around 600 Zurich girls were asked about their sports and leisure behaviour. The project focused on the following objectives:
- to collect representative data on sports activities of young people and their attitudes as a basis for a sports promotion policy.
- to explore the relationship between sports activities and behaviour in other areas of life, such as other leisure time, work, religion or political interests
- to examine the socialisation process, i.e. to identify factors that influence family, school or professional integration processes in sport and other leisure activities
- to examine special problems with the help of a twin evaluation.
A questionnaire was compiled with questions on education in families and schools, on various areas of life such as occupation, state, leisure time, sport and on sociodemographic and general personal data. A strong emphasis was placed on the research of activity, sociability, satisfaction and attitude towards the future.
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  • Schiffer, Jürg. 1979. Sport und Freizeit: eine Analyse der Einstellungen und des Verhaltens junger Schweizer-innen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Sozialisationsprozesses: Bericht über die im Rahmen der pädagogischen Rekrutenprüfungen 1976 durchgeführte Befragung. Aarau [etc.]: Sauerländer, [1979]. 330 S. : Ill. ; 21 cm. (Pädagogische Rekrutenprüfungen. Wissenschaftliche Reihe ; 4).
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