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Future or end of the journalism in Switzerland? A survey among journalists with regard to technological, economic and organizational factors influencing journalistic activities
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  • Qualitätssicherung
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  • Technologie der Massenmedien
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1998, plus Retrospektion und Prognose
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Deutschschweiz, Suisse Romande und Tessin
  • Switzerland
Representative data on key socio-demographic and occupational variables of Swiss journalists were collected in this study. It was investigated whether and how economic, technological and organisational changes influence the production of journalistic statements in the Swiss media.
Among other things, the aim was to take stock of the similarities and differences between the journalistic professions in the three major language regions of Switzerland.
It was assumed that different historical, political and cultural framework conditions, which have produced a number of special features within the media landscape of the three parts of the country, have not remained without consequences for the social composition, training and working conditions and the self-image of the journalistic professional group.
Where these differences can be found, the question of possible effects on media communication within and beyond the language regions arises.
The questionnaire was designed to be as comparable as possible with earlier (non-representative) surveys in Switzerland and with international communication studies.
Methods (description)
Erhebungsverfahren: Standardisierte Befragung schriftlich.
Erhebungseinheiten: Anfang 1998 wurden 2111 zufällig ausgewählte Medienleute aus der Grundgesamtheit aller Mitglieder der Journalistenverbände der Deutschschweiz und der Suisse Romande befragt.
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  • Marr, Vinzenz. 1999. Schweizer Journalistinnen und Journalisten im sprachregionalen Vergleich: Merkmale und Einstellungen. in: Medienwissenschaft Schweiz, Nr.2, S. 16-30, 1999.
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  • Marr, Vinzenz. 1999. Schweizer Journalismus unterwegs - Soziodemographische Merkmale im internationalen und nationalen Vergleich. Download von Homepage, 1999.
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