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Parlement et société en Suisse
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  • Parliament
  • Social conflict
  • Solution strategy
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  • Switzerland
The study on the role of European parliaments in solving social conflicts was carried out by the Comparative Legislative Research Center of the University of Iowa (USA) in 1974 with the financial support of the Ford Foundation.
The aim of this study was to compare the role of parliamentarians with that of non-parliamentary elites in dealing with a number of specific political issues in three European countries (Belgium, Italy and Switzerland). The selected thematic areas were of current relevance in all three countries in the years 1974-75 and allow a comparison of these countries with regard to the prevailing social divides reflected in these areas.
In the sub-project ("Parliament and Society in Switzerland"), the representatives of both chambers of the Swiss parliament were asked about various problem areas and possible solution strategies.
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  • Kerr, Henry. 1983. Unser Parlament. Ed. Heuwinkel, Neuallschwil, 1983.
  • Kerr, Henry. 1982. Parlement et société en Suisse. Ed. Georgi, St. Saphorin, 1982.
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  • Ford Foundation
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