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Experiences of violence by adolescents
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Kanton Zürich
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Youth violence has become a central theme in the media and politics worldwide. Spectacular acts such as those of the trigger-happy students of Littleton or the 16-year-old shooter of Bad Reichenhall have contributed to this, as has the fact that police-registered violent crime among young people has increased far more than that of adults in almost all industrial nations over the last 20 years. This situation calls for criminological research.
As in Germany, relevant studies have now also been launched in other European countries. In this context, a representative survey of 9th grade students also took place in Zurich.
Both in Zurich and in the German cities it has become clear that especially young migrants from Turkey and Yugoslavia have considerably higher rates of self reported violent delinquency than all other ethnic groups. On the one hand, this is clearly linked to the disadvantages to which these young people are exposed in the education system and with regard to their overall social situation. On the other hand, it is important to note that young Turks and Yugoslavians are far more often victims of parental abuse or witnesses of violent clashes between parents than members of other groups.
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  • Eisner, Manuel; Manzoni, Denis. 2000. Gewalterfahrung von Jugendlichen: Opfererfahrungen und selbstberichtete Gewalt bei Schülerinnen und Schülern im Kanton Zürich. Bildungsdirektion des Kanton Zürich (Ed.), Aarau, 2000.
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  • Eisner, Manuel; et al., . 2000. Schülerbefragung 1999: Gewaltprobleme bei Jugendlichen im Kanton Zürich; erste Ergebnisse. Bericht zuhänden der Experten.
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