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School, Education and the Public Sphere - A Content and Discourse Analysis of Swiss Press Coverage on Education
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1.7.2008 bis 31.12.2009
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Schweiz, alle drei Sprachregionen
  • Switzerland
In the past, unlike in other areas, media content on educational topics has only been investigated very selectively and often insufficiently. This is a clear contrast to the importance of education in the current public debate. At a time when the public education system is increasingly being confronted with alternatives and its legitimacy is under pressure, it seems desirable and urgent that especially institutions of teacher education should also clarify the intensity and manner in which the field of education and the actors involved in it are addressed. Based on these findings, the planned study aims to analyse education-specific content and discourses in Swiss print media. On the one hand, a quantitatively oriented survey is intended to capture the main features and development of public communication in the field of education. On the other hand, central thematic areas are to be identified and deepened in discourse analysis. The focus is on the general leading research question on the topics, representations and interpretative patterns of educational issues in the Swiss public sphere. An explorative, quantitative survey of education topics in 15 daily newspapers and 6 journals in all three official languages with the SPSS statistics program over a period of 18 months is primarily intended to provide a database that covers all articles on education topics published in the sample and serves to identify current thematic focuses and topics in the education sector and to identify regional similarities and differences in the thematization of education. A number of the thematic focal points covered are the subject of in-depth discourse analyses. Before data collection begins, possible focal points of the discourse analyses can be found in the following areas in particular: Image of the teaching profession, disciplinary issues, integration issues, questions of didactics and curriculum, reform and harmonisation efforts as well as the competitive position and performance of elementary schools.
Methods (description)
Explorative Erhebung aus Mediendatenservice "Swissdox" aufgrund von Stichworten und Medienselektion. Identifikation von bildungspolitischen Schlüsselthemen und deren diskursanalytische Aufarbeitung.
Erhebungsverfahren: Inhaltsanalyse standardisiert, Inhaltsanalyse offen; Anderes Verfahren Diskursanalyse
Erhebungseinheiten: Zeitungs-, und Zeitschriftenartikel
Auswahlverfahren: Vollerhebung aus einer regional gewichtete Auswahl von 15 Tageszeitungen (D,F,I) und 6 Zeitschriften (D,F)
Anzahl Untersuchungseinheiten:
a) quantitative Erhebung: Offen (ca. 10000), fortlaufende Erhebung
b) Diskursanalyse: Offen (voraussichtlich > 1000)
Untersuchungsdesign: Längsschnittstudie, 1.7.08 bis 31.12.09
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