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Antenatal career breaks
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  • Switzerland
The Maury Pasquier postulate (15.3793) invites the Federal Council to present a report on breaks in the employment of pregnant women and to examine whether there is a need for political action in Switzerland in relation to this matter. A representative online survey of 2,809 women who gave birth to a child in 2016 gathered information about their employment histories and the economic and social protectionrelating to pregnancyrelated employment breaks. In addition, an online survey of 3,575 companies was conducted in order to obtain information about concrete experiences, the need for action and possible solutions from the employer’s perspective.
he results of the survey of mothers and the
survey of employers agree that employment breaks during pregnancy are very common. 81% of the women surveyed and 86% of the businesses surveyed had experienced such situa-tions. The majority of breaks in employment are full-time (73% of all women surveyed); more rarely, they are exclusively part-time (8%).
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Onlineerhebung bei Müttern und Arbeitgebenden
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  • Standardised interviews - by mail
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  • Eidg. Departement des Innern - EDI, Bundesamt für Sozialversicherungen - BSV, Effingerstrasse 33, 3003 Bern
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