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MOSAiCH 2018. Measurement and Observation of Social Attitudes in Switzerland. Study on Religion and related topics
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  • Religion
  • International comparisons
  • Social change
  • General social survey
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Whole Switzerland
  • Switzerland
MOSAiCH is a cross-sectional survey that focuses on the Swiss population’s values and attitudes toward a wide range of social issues.
The thematic focus of the 2018 edition lies on "Religion IV", the current module of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) which is repeated for the 4th time. This international part is supplemented by selected socio-demographic questions, as well as a module composed of Switzerland specific questions. The questions of this Swiss part are determined by means of a public call and either expand the ISSP module thematically or measure other dimensions that are of special interest to Switzerland.
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Methods (description)
Mode: Web-paper interviews, 2 parts
Population, unit of observation: Individuals among the permanent resident population of Switzerland, aged 18 and over (no upper age limit), living in private households (and speaking either German, French or Italian)
Simple random sample, drawn on national level by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office from the SRPH (Population register: Stichprobenrahmen für Personen- und Haushaltserhebungen)
Individuals are invited through postal letters and up to 3 reminders, paper is offered with the second reminder (push-to-web design). Respondents to Part 1 are invited to participe also in Part 2 in the mode of their first answer (for details, refer to the Survey Documentation Report).
- Gross sample size 5983
- Net sample size (without ineligibles): 5967
- Valid interviews Part 1: 2350 (AAPOR response rate=39.4%)
- Valid interviews Part 2: 1774 (75.5% of the Part 1 valid interviews, 29.7% overall)
- Cross-sectional, annual survey since 2018 (every two years until 2017), most background questions are repeated, the ISSP modules are mostly repeated every 10 years
- Fieldwork period: 1.03.2018-14.07.2018
Fieldwork institute: FORS, Lausanne
No weighting, all weight=1, according to the sample design (all respondents have the same probability to be selected); for bias in Part 2, please refer to the analysis in the Survey Documentation Report
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  • Standardised interviews
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