Authors Yvette Sanchez (PI) , Rolf Wüstenhagen , Günter Müller-Stewens , Omid Aschari , Christoph Birkholz , Maximilian Schosser , Roberto Gutiérrez (PI) , Dario Lobo , Paula Moreno , Ezequiel Reficco , Catalina Ramirez , Camilo Herrera Herrera Diaz

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Abstract This Colombian-Swiss project aims to establish how initiatives of social entrepreneurship, such as "Liter of Light", could grow in scale, consolidate, and expand regionally, nationally and internationally. How can clean energy reach more people? What strategies help social initiatives increase their scale significantly? What (transcultural) measures are necessary to adapt the New St.Gallen Management Model to the context of Inclusive Businesses in Colombia? Specific social enterprises iden... >>