Authors Robin Tillmann (PI) , Boris Wernli , Oliver Lipps , Ursina Kuhn , Valérie-Anne Ryser , Marieke Voorpostel , Erika Antal , Florence Lebert , Gian-Andrea Monsch , Nora Dasoki , Hannah Sophie Klaas

Former collaborator(s): Monica Budowski , Matthias Niklowitz , Annette Clarine Scherpenzeel , Roberto Genesi , Nicolas Portmann , Eric Graf , Bryce Weaver Erwin Zimmermann Flurina Schmid Jan Rosset
Contributing institutions
Abstract Collecting data on households and individuals since 1999, the Swiss Household Panel (SHP) is an ongoing, unique, large-scale, nationally representative, longitudinal study in Switzerland. The data of the SHP provide a rich source of information to study social change in Switzerland over a significant period on a wide variety of topics. The SHP aims to provide both continuity and innovation in measurement and data collection, with the combination of retrospective and prospective longitudinal d... >>