Your research information and data access portal in Switzerland.

FORSbase is an online platform that enables you to access data and obtain information about social science studies in Switzerland. You can register your own research projects, as well as store and share your own data. Discover FORSbase’s different functionalities here, or select from the options below.

Explore the research catalogue
Search the social science research catalogue, including over 10'000 research projects. Liaise with researchers linked to these projects.
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Get data
Discover and instantly download for free more than 400 datasets for your own research projects.
Start your analyses right away.
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Register your study
Register your research project in the research database.
Increase your project’s visibility.
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Deposit your data
Share your data through FORSbase. Ensure their long-term preservation, meet funders’ requirements, and increase citations of your data and work.
Follow these instructions, depending on whether your study:
a) is already in FORSbase
b) is not yet in FORSbase